custom outdoor privacy Curtains

Are you looking for more privacy and security at home? Privacy On Demand, Inc.™ is your BEST and ONLY source for Custom Outdoor Privacy Curtains.

  • Don't pay tanning salon fees. Sunbathe at home whenever you choose!
  • Transform your pool deck, lanai or outdoor area into your own private retreat whenever the mood strikes you.
  • Stop prying eyes from seeing onto your deck and into your home, especially at night.
  • Eliminate the need for high cost, high maintenance fencing or shrubbery.
  • Screen the direct rays of the sun - especially in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Block out the cold winter winds without eliminating air flow.
  • Control your environment with an "open and close" design.
  • Enhance the marketability of your home.


A Privacy Curtain For Every Budget!

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perfect for any budget

We have custom outdoor privacy curtains for every budget.  View our selection of fabrics, colors and features to enhance your privacy curtains.


privacy curtains

Privacy on Demand is the only source for our patented, custom, outdoor privacy curtains.


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